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We make goods and apparel out of tough materials like leather and wax canvas for a variety of industries. All of our products are sold wholesale and by the 12-dozen.   Originally, the brand started in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia, USA, where we set out to create a lifestyle brand centered around the building of custom made cafe-racer motorbikes, however this quickly evolved into the products you see today. ​ F+F continues to develop new products everyday based on passion and opportunity.


To design and manufacture well made unique custom goods & apparel and build a world renowned brand known for quality and style.


To reach our goal for global presents and build life long relationships with partners and clients that represent our level of quality, service and social beliefs.


All F+F product orders are backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee, however F+F reserves the right to resolve any issues. We aim for our clients to be 100% happy with their purchases.


All products are handmade in the USA. We are able to offer good pricing due to our bulk ordering requirements and made to order process. We believe in safe and just work environments. We believe in working with good partners and clients. Fitz + Flores reserves the right to refuse to work with anyone for any reason.. such as, discrimination, social or racial Injustice, racism, bigotry, and other form of hatred. We are always excited to hear from you, here or on social media, about your experience with us and our products. We are always open to hear any ideas you may have, so please reach out! Thank you for visiting our site. Sending love out to all the supporters who have helped us along the way!

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